About us

We are Pietro and Giulia and our great passion is Vintage.
We strive every day to present a vast selection of authentic vintage men's / women's garments, which can enter your wardrobes and let them live new lives. We carefully and carefully select each item to offer a new purpose, as well as a fascinating, unpredictable and fun alternative to the current mass fashion market and its standardization.
For us, Vintage is a glue between art, beauty, fashion and help for the planet. This is our Philosophy.
We dedicate ourselves with passion and dedication to the search for unique, quality garments that have a story to tell, to offer a unique shopping experience for those who love fashion and vintage and want to stand out from the crowd.
We like to think that every garment we select and offer can have a new life, a new story to live, a new future, in a world where sustainability and safeguarding the planet are increasingly important.

We are Pietro and Giulia and Vintage is our great passion.
You are in the right place, welcome!