The secrets to keeping your vintage garments in perfect condition

Taking care of your vintage garments isn't always easy, but by following a few basic steps, you can keep them in perfect condition for many years. First of all, it is always important to check the label of the garments to find out the type of fabric and the cleaning instructions. If etiquette allows, dry cleaning is the safest method for cleaning vintage clothing. If not, hand washing with cold water and a mild detergent is a better option than machine washing.

Once cleaned, it is important to avoid using the dryer and leave the clothes to dry in the shade and away from heat sources. If necessary, vintage clothes can be ironed with a hot iron, always using a damp cloth between the iron and the fabric.

It is also recommended to avoid washing as much as possible and opt for professional cleaning, as water, detergents and movement can cause irreparable damage to the fabric. With a little attention and care, your vintage pieces can be worn for many years to come.

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