Fenomeno sociale

social phenomenon

Fashion, the real one…doesn't change year after year. It is not the usual train that passes fast and with each "ticket" the track changes. For me, fashion is a true social phenomenon rather than a style one.
It is perfect precisely in its imperfection, and the passage of time only increases the sense of belonging to this magnificent tribe of clothes and lifestyle that is "vintage".
Dresses that are totally representative of moments and events linked to the time and life of those who have worn them or only touched them.
Processing techniques of an old artisan school, capable of leaving real signatures mixed with perfumes, which have nothing in common with this pre-set present.
A painting... a unique garment, which in its simplicity gives color and a different "feel" to this frenetic and printed life to which we are getting used to.

True fashion does not change year after year, it is not forgotten, it is not forgotten ... the first dress, the pair of shoes, the unbuttoned shirt, inhabit and live together with the body giving life to a single entity that is remembered over time .. fashion, just like music is art.

Fashion is life, it's representation.. fashion is smiles and moments to frame. No, it's not just a question of style, but a real social element and factor.
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